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How to kill a drug addict – a short story

It’s not just the sun which kills you in Karachi; it’s the wet and humid wind which does it. Accompanying you in the crowded buses, long walks and power outages, your sweat is one of your few loyal companions in the summers. The last thing a sane person would do in this weather is to … Continue reading


The Robinhoods

I was not shocked. The room did not look like that of an undercover agent. Adequately lit, curtains open, handful furniture; most noticeable of which was the center table decorated by an unlit candle. You would be surprised that crime reporting is not as dramatic as it seems from the one hour investigation shows on … Continue reading

A white ‘colour’ life

White December 2001 “White is the color of peace and purity”. He spoke these words stroking his white beard. “And these hair my children are the signs of wisdom”… some things are universally liked… no one can hate them. White is one of them”. It was already sunset. The class had gone past its usual … Continue reading