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A suicide as basic as life itself

Someone continuously needs to remind us of the basics to life. Some things so simple that forgetting these is an innocent’s mistake, not bringing these into conversations a perfectly normal gentleman’s convention. I felt parched this morning, perhaps I forgot to drink water last night, an innocent mistake. On my way to kitchen I might … Continue reading

Dreams of a 14 year old orphan

Last year this time around, I conducted a career counselling and motivation session for an NGO entrusted with orphans. The main idea was to let these children’s imagination run free and reach for something which goes beyond the shackles of daily routine. An idea that their past doesn’t matter, a dream that tomorrow is everything … Continue reading

A love so strong that it burns the city?

20 is the latest number on deaths on the ‘Ishq-e-Rasool (SAW)’ day. We have gone past that stage where numbers can traumatize us since Karachi has seen days where blood came even cheaper. The first day after BB death claimed 47 lives, 12th May 2007 alone claimed some 40 persons. But what is traumatizing for … Continue reading

Where there is no sun, there is fire

Winter has come. It first came in 1984 when politics hijacked humanity and strategic gains outpaced the efforts for social benefits. It was then, when India and Pakistan first sent their military expeditions to the second largest non polar glacier ‘Siachen’ and crowned the area as the highest battlefield in the world. Many marched; many … Continue reading

The curious case of Karachi

Driving the car in dark on a maze of roads, our drive was continuously welcomed by roundabouts. The roads in Emirates always lead you to somewhere far than you intend. Confetti on the pavements and glowing lights on the sidewalk hinted that we just missed the celebrations of Emirates National day. But, I think we … Continue reading

‘he is not a king…he is a kingmaker’

Sometimes you don’t know how to start your article because of the emotions involved in the topic. For me, it’s more of a reason because of the emotions involved of my country men who will be reading. For the last two hours, the news of Moin Akhtar’s death has been  hitting the headlines and compelling … Continue reading

A child is professional !

It’s convenient to live in one’s small world. Ask a child and he thinks that his toys are the only things in the world, his mommy daddy the only persons and his sister the only enemy. But time moves on, but what amazes is the nature of that child. It still remains with us till … Continue reading

I Hate Love stories

This reminds me of the sad look on my brother’s face  when I silenced him by saying that ‘love has always been so weak that we humans are better without it’ Deriving my reasoning background of physics, had there been no light, there would have been no darkness, for what is darkness but the absence of … Continue reading

Teams are ready…Is the public ?

I was more thrilled than happy when Yuvrag Singh stuck the winning runs against Australia in the quarter final of 2011 ICC Worldcup. By hitting the winning stroke, he has booked a semi final date with Pakistan at Mohali. The hype of the match is too much to handle even for the cool and candid … Continue reading