I Hate Love stories

Hate to Love

This reminds me of the sad look on my brother’s face  when I silenced him by saying that ‘love has always been so weak that we humans are better without it’

Deriving my reasoning background of physics, had there been no light, there would have been no darkness, for what is darkness but the absence of light, for what is cold but absence of heat, for what is bad without good. So how can hate exist without love. They feed on each other. But why has it been that in the human history we have numerous tragedies to remember, where armies slaughtered innocent for material wealth, where Tartars filled the River Dajla with blood, where Hitler became champion of fear and where champions of peace became the first to kill a city by atom bomb. And what is love but Taj Mahal and Eifel tower… so ineffective that it couldn’t stop it.

Or…. Perhaps I am wrong, may be it’s just the human limitation to remember only bad memories more vivid and clearly than the good ones. If there had been a good day when your mom kissed you to school and a bad day when you got dumped by your girl friend, surely I will remember the later. So -2 is not equal to +2 when both are same. Humans feed on bad memories.

That’s strange. So world would have been better place either without humans  or without love…interesting !


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