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Dreams of a 14 year old orphan

Last year this time around, I conducted a career counselling and motivation session for an NGO entrusted with orphans. The main idea was to let these children’s imagination run free and reach for something which goes beyond the shackles of daily routine. An idea that their past doesn’t matter, a dream that tomorrow is everything … Continue reading

The curious case of Karachi

Driving the car in dark on a maze of roads, our drive was continuously welcomed by roundabouts. The roads in Emirates always lead you to somewhere far than you intend. Confetti on the pavements and glowing lights on the sidewalk hinted that we just missed the celebrations of Emirates National day. But, I think we … Continue reading

From mercedes to an suv… a leap of faith

A friend of mine used to drive Mercedes S class while working at a company famous for underpaying its employees. Recently, he crossed 35, moved to private equity (famous for extravagant remuneration) but surprisingly shifted to a much more economical reliable family car and left me wondering with many ‘whys?’ ‘I always knew I am … Continue reading