Posted in April 2012

Obama and Gilani need a slap from their mothers

My mom did not attain a formal doctorate in foreign affairs. Although, she would have loved that but then she couldn’t see the use of it in running the household affairs and domesticating four wild children. But what she did know was how to balance the conflicts of me and my brother who would often … Continue reading


Why Imran Khan should not win the elections

Noted Columnist Thomas L Friedman recently wrote a piece in New York Times where he advocated why Michael Bloomberg (the current Mayor of New York) should run for US elections. Not for winning, not for fame but to give a fresh perspective to an election debate which is hijacked by corporate agenda and doesn’t give … Continue reading

Where there is no sun, there is fire

Winter has come. It first came in 1984 when politics hijacked humanity and strategic gains outpaced the efforts for social benefits. It was then, when India and Pakistan first sent their military expeditions to the second largest non polar glacier ‘Siachen’ and crowned the area as the highest battlefield in the world. Many marched; many … Continue reading