Posted in April 2011

‘he is not a king…he is a kingmaker’

Sometimes you don’t know how to start your article because of the emotions involved in the topic. For me, it’s more of a reason because of the emotions involved of my country men who will be reading. For the last two hours, the news of Moin Akhtar’s death has been  hitting the headlines and compelling … Continue reading

A child is professional !

It’s convenient to live in one’s small world. Ask a child and he thinks that his toys are the only things in the world, his mommy daddy the only persons and his sister the only enemy. But time moves on, but what amazes is the nature of that child. It still remains with us till … Continue reading

I Hate Love stories

This reminds me of the sad look on my brother’s face  when I silenced him by saying that ‘love has always been so weak that we humans are better without it’ Deriving my reasoning background of physics, had there been no light, there would have been no darkness, for what is darkness but the absence of … Continue reading