A child is professional !

It’s convenient to live in one’s small world. Ask a child and he thinks that his toys are the only things in the world, his mommy daddy the only persons and his sister the only enemy. But time moves on, but what amazes is the nature of that child. It still remains with us till we die… our happiness seems to be the only joy, our worries the most sad part in the universe.

For my friends in medicine, their world revolves around the medical wards and books, they consider medicine the only respectable profession in the world…for my friends in finance, it’s the money that makes the world go round and for my friends in army, its them due to whom we can sleep safely at night (ignore the irony in the last one…and my apologies to Musharraf fans). That childish attitude makes us think of our joys the only joys that matter, and our worries the only worries that can kill.

So its like when our mothers used to say that let the world praise you and don’t praise your qualities yourself…we might be doing the opposite and calling it professionalism.


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