‘he is not a king…he is a kingmaker’

Sometimes you don’t know how to start your article because of the emotions involved in the topic. For me, it’s more of a reason because of the emotions involved of my country men who will be reading.

For the last two hours, the news of Moin Akhtar’s death has been  hitting the headlines and compelling me to reflect on his life not as a performer but as a human.

I didn’t  meet this performer like millions of Pakistanis but  I became an avid fan of all his performances I came across. Some say he started his journey from 1966 as a theater performer so it puzzles me that for a nation like ours, which cannot build consensus on Ayub Khan, Bhutto, Zia and Musharraf, we unite in our praise of this human.

All of these leaders came and left but the fame of Moin Akhtar stood ground, which makes me believe that as a nation we don’t inherently dislike people…we can love if someone inspires us. And inspiration he gave, not to act or to make laugh but a dream to the commons that someone as common as him can make it to top and yet be humble. 

That’s a dream the majority of population of Pakistan wants and deserves. He gave that. He reminds me of times when irony could be hidden in humor and yet let us reflect.

Acclaimed for acting in a record different get ups for Anwar Maqsood’s shows, I am still waiting for condolence from that writer…he is quiet. And quiet my heart is…

Here is a raw video to remind us of good times


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