of Kingdoms and Karachi

Each day is the fight for the throne

The coming

Once upon a time in a kingdom far far away called ‘Land’, people from outside started to settle in as they were thrown out from their native land because of their religion.

They merged with the locals who were very kind in nature and to be frank did not have the power to stop this influx. ‘Land’ started to flourish and people from all four kingdoms viewed it as a source of progress for all the kingdoms. Migrants kept coming in and started to settle down from all four kingdoms but never forgetting they belonged to separate kingdoms with different languages.

When the sowing season started, people from all four kingdoms worked to their sweat to make the land fertile and productive. They worked from dawn when they could not see the color of one another, to dark, when they could hardly see their own skin.

The Night guard

And then the ‘Land’ bore fruit and people from all four kingdoms came screaming to its claim. All of them wanted to get a piece of ‘land’ at the expense of peace itself. So they did, what insecure tribes do. They created their own night guards to protect them from other tribes.

People from every kingdom gave their night guards gold, weapons, voted for them and held them high in their songs and poems. The aim of each night guard was to secure the fruits of ‘land’ for their own people and hush away the other night guards. All started making a claim over ‘Land’ on behalf of the kingdom they represented.


People from four kingdoms and the migrants bore sons and daughters who were raised in the ‘Land’, went to academia together. Many fell in love. Many married. Many bore more sons and daughters. Many died!

Present day

The ‘land’ is on fire. There are no more fruits to be shared. The night guards stand tall. The sons and daughters are confused… they wonder how the night guard gained such strength. All they are realizing is that their mother tongues are different from the others. Half of them can’t speak their own mother tongues but are lynched by the opposing night guards on the basis of their language.

Post word :

The ‘land’ belonged to no one 60 years ago. Now, on its soil are land mafias from every kingdom. Night guards rule in day and night. They breed on fear, envy, insecurity and hatred.

People from all four kingdoms fear each other. Sometimes they envy. They are insecure too. But still they don’t hate each other. That brings us a hopeful beginning…


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