From mercedes to an suv… a leap of faith

A friend of mine used to drive Mercedes S class while working at a company famous for underpaying its employees. Recently, he crossed 35, moved to private equity (famous for extravagant remuneration) but surprisingly shifted to a much more economical reliable family car and left me wondering with many ‘whys?’

‘I always knew I am gonna earn more than what I was earning back then’ was his reply. His faith in future helped him spend in depressed times ‘and now I have had enough of that car’.

Then I recalled, I have been promised promotions a couple of times and each time my spending habits grew with the anticipation that tomorrow would be better than today. Just like, when you dispose off your old toys before your birthday in the hope of getting new ones or when you hear about your uncle coming from some foreign lands, the excitement gives you sleepless nights on the mere thoughts of novelties he might be bringing.

Your better today is linked with a hopeful tomorrow, which I was thinking can be a rather straightforward tool to judge people around you.

People driving Mustang on the roads don’t have a better today…they just think their future is even more tempting. Or when your friends buy the latest ‘aldo’ shoes or the classic ‘chanel’ cologne, they are showing faith in the steady stream of income from future. So, just recall when was the last time you had a lavish dinner just for your own sake…and that speaks highly of how hopeful you are about your future.


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