Teams are ready…Is the public ?

I was more thrilled than happy when Yuvrag Singh stuck the winning runs against Australia in the quarter final of 2011 ICC Worldcup. By hitting the winning stroke, he has booked a semi final date with Pakistan at Mohali.

The hype of the match is too much to handle even for the cool and candid country men of mine. I, on my part could not wait to upload my face book status along with million facebook users of the subcontinent. But, finally it was a phone call to my friend in Karachi, where I could scream at the top of my lungs which satisfied the goose bumps in my stomach.

‘Nervous’ is another word to describe the feeling me and my country men are going through right now. Even if many don’t accept it on the face, Pakistanis always book the provision … a chance that their team might lose in the contest. And that, in my opinion is a display of good sportsman spirit. Half of the comments on the twitter share the fear that Pak may lose and ‘we don’t like losing to India’.

So, naturally we have thought about losing…we won’t break windows or burn tyres on a decent exit. We have been through that in ICC T20 Final 2007, which Pak lost by inches. Still, we don’t curse the Pak team and we talk about Misbah (the unfortunate man to give win to India) as we are talking about some lost wish. We don’t talk in anger.

But, from the time this semi final date has been set, I have not met a single Indian who has thought of the prospects to losing to Pakistan. It is something, which in their opinion can only happen in another time and space (not time, space probably). I want the best team to win, my heart beating for Pak definitely. But, instead for fearing a defeat for Pak, I fear the defeat for India as it will break that  glass floor under their feet.

My flat mate just joined in ‘the last time India lost to Pak in one-day, our Indian manager could not talk to us for a week’. It was too much pride. Pakistanis have a spoon of pride and a spoon of reality so they are bullet proof. Let the match begin !


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