Syrians turn to sarcasm to fight oppression

Humor in the face of adversity is reflective of true character of the people. While the whole world has now come to terms with the disturbing situation in Syria, few may know that the locals have turned to dark humor to express their sentiments and are doing so in a noteworthy manner.

As per my Syrian friends, the regime is having sleepless nights due to facebook and twitter. Half of the military men called ‘muakhabrat’ (who are inducted from far off villages) don’t even know what facebook is, but are taught the ferocity of this social media weapon. So, once, when they raided the hospital in Homs, and asked the nurse to hand her facebook to soldier, the nurse was appalled. ‘I can’t give you my facebook stupid!’

The soldiers were furious and called on the Head of the Medicine, ‘Sir, we don’t want to hurt her but she is not giving us her facebook’. They still think it’s a physical object!

What the regime will take even more years to understand is how the people are turning to sarcasm to report on the daily happenings. Latest in the series is the new facebook page called ‘the chinese revolution against the chinese president’ drawing from the speeches of Bashar Al Assad who never admits there is anything wrong with his own country Syria!

A Syrian friend on the condition of anonymity told that Bashar (Syrian President) counts on such straight soldiers, who only know how to obey and kill. But the Arabs still want to know how a country like Pakistan, being ruled for more than 30 years by army still maintains a free media.

‘It’s a trick, they learnt recently’, I replied, ‘always keep a minimum hole in the balloon so that it doesn’t burst’. ‘We chit chat, we gossip, we fight, we entertain and there is an outflow of emotions that doesn’t let the social balloon burst’. In this way, we are revolution proof.


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