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A suicide as basic as life itself

Someone continuously needs to remind us of the basics to life. Some things so simple that forgetting these is an innocent’s mistake, not bringing these into conversations a perfectly normal gentleman’s convention. I felt parched this morning, perhaps I forgot to drink water last night, an innocent mistake. On my way to kitchen I might … Continue reading

Terrorists do have a country

When Plato interpreted ‘justice’ as a power tool of mighty in his famous work ‘The Republic’, I thought it to be only an interesting read and imagined a barbaric world of long forgotten times where the theory would apply. Perhaps, a king sitting on his marble throne ordering people to be butchered if they deserve … Continue reading

A love so strong that it burns the city?

20 is the latest number on deaths on the ‘Ishq-e-Rasool (SAW)’ day. We have gone past that stage where numbers can traumatize us since Karachi has seen days where blood came even cheaper. The first day after BB death claimed 47 lives, 12th May 2007 alone claimed some 40 persons. But what is traumatizing for … Continue reading

Why Imran Khan should not win the elections

Noted Columnist Thomas L Friedman recently wrote a piece in New York Times where he advocated why Michael Bloomberg (the current Mayor of New York) should run for US elections. Not for winning, not for fame but to give a fresh perspective to an election debate which is hijacked by corporate agenda and doesn’t give … Continue reading